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Chicago. The one town that won't let you down. A town that tugs on your sleeves.

Why is that?

The answer lies within our skyline. From the outside, Chicago skyscrapers are mesmerizing and beautiful to look at from any vantage point. But from the inside, those buildings are powered by passionate commercial real estate professionals who strive for operational excellence. When a building glows from the inside, it shines even brighter on the outside.

Those of us at BOMA/Chicago know this to be true. Our talented staff of seven comes to work each morning to represent the interests of these buildings. We defend our buildings on issues ranging from taxation to energy costs to code adoption. We strive to preserve Chicago’s reputation as a world-class home for businesses and tenants. We forge mutually beneficial relationships between service providers and property managers through networking events. We educate members on how to address the challenges and opportunities of an ever-changing industry.

But – most importantly – we invest in the CRE workforce and the faces behind the glass. And after 117 years of providing support and thought leadership to CRE professionals, we know why Chicago is such a vibrant, globally competitive city. We can thank all of our past, present and future building owners and managers for that.

Chicago is definitely my kind of town! I look forward to serving our dynamic CRE community each day. Please reach out to me at any time with questions, concerns or ideas.

Jaclynne Madden
Associate Director, Education & Marketing