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  • 1.  Regulations Facing Members

    Posted 09-18-2023 16:00

    During our September 18th Committee meeting, Jeffrey Grant shared valuable insight into the current and future regulations that New Jersey members face:

    1. NJ Clean Cars II – Bans the sale of IC motors by 2035.
    2. NJ Executive Order 316 - Decommission its Natural Gas utilities – Start on Page 4 to see requirements.
    3. NJ 8C Order - to accelerate efficiency and demand response – this is adding anywhere from 5 – 10 billion dollars to the rate base – 15 – 20% increase in electric rates to meet NJ's energy master plan efficiency improvement goals.

    See the attached documents for PDFs of the aforementioned regulations. Please take advantage of this forum to continue the discussion on the different regulations you may currently face or will face in the future.

    Cameron Macuch
    Manager of Sustainability & State Policy
    BOMA International
    Washington DC
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  • 2.  RE: Regulations Facing Members

    Posted 09-18-2023 16:13

    Excellent, thank you!!


    Rebecca J. Uusitalo, RPA

    Senior General Manager

    Urban Renaissance Group LLC

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  • 3.  RE: Regulations Facing Members

    Posted 09-18-2023 19:03

    In Denver, we have a city Building Performance Standard (BPS) ordinance as well as a State level BPS.

    • Both are essentially based on Energy Use Intesity (EUI) targets that must be met at interim years with a final deadline of nearly net zero by 2030.
    • There are different EUI targets based on building type
    • Alternative compliance is very limited - mostly target adjustments, timeline adjustments, lack of access to usage data, or specific instances of deep financial hardship
    • In Denver, the penalties for non-compliance are designed to be more expensive than the investments needed to reach compliance. Fees go towards a fund that will support and incentivize disadvantaged communities and under-resourced buildings. 
    • In Colorado state, the penalties are simply $2,000 for the first violation and $5,000 for each subsequent violation per year but we're anticipating this will become more stringent. 

    Aaron Johnson
    LBA Realty
    Denver CO
    (303) 243-3820